Chudleigh Show

A great country show as usual, with the members lining up with a great display. 10 members enjoyed a very sunny day, too hot to
sit out in the sun , so we enjoyed each others company along with John Spencer & his son under our marquee.
Congratulations to all exhibits for their efforts.
Lutze : 4 model engines – Monitor – Baker 1905, Root – Vandervoort 1⁄2 scale model 1915, Buzzacott 1⁄2 scale 1920, Fairbanks Morse 1⁄2
scale model 1911, Model Steam engine driven by Lister engine driving a compressor.
Nigel Boyd: (2) Edison Vintage Gramophones, one is still capable of playing a record for us to enjoy. Old Movie Projector.
John Booth : 1940 Ronaldson Tippett Dragsaw (Aus.), Air cooled (model n/a) 2 3⁄4 H.P. put back to running condition by owner
John Spencer : 1946 Rough Rider Dumper, Sunderland, England
Tom & Barb Moore : Ronaldson Tippett engine driving Ajax Pump to keep David Foster chopping the wood, Moffatt Virtue engine driving Dawn M.F.G. Blower to keep the balls bouncing.
David & Judy Burk : Moffatt Virtue 2 1⁄4 H.P. used on milking machine at Golden Valley driving Air Compressed engine McDonald Crude Oil Super-Diesel 4 H.P.
Loyd Tunbridge : International Pig Roseberry engine
Once again thanks to all for a great day.