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Waratah, Chudleigh, Wynyard

Roughly 14 exhibitors & members attended, had a great time meeting the crowd that always show interest at the machinery & memorabilia that the members exhibit.
Kevin Reeves: Old clothes ringer & other memorabilia, 1950 Fergy Tea 20 Tractor. Waratah & Chudleigh.
Deryl Haines: 1956 Grey-Gold Fergy Tractor,
Waratah, owing to ill health Deryl was unable to attend the other shows, Wishing him a speedy recovery.
Lloyd Tunbridge: 2.5 H.P. Sundial engine, L.A. International 1937 1.5 – 2.5 H.P. engine. 1918-20 Rosebery engine 2 H.P., 1940 R.A. Lister engine model L 6.5 H.P. Waratah, Chudleigh, Wynyard.
Ray Harris: Forriers Piston Pump driven by Lister Petters 7 1/2 H.P.Deisel engine. Waratah & Wynyard.
Viv Voss: Blow Fly Water Pump, 1923 Fair Banks Morse engine 1 ½ H.P. U.S.A., 1930 International engine Type M 1 1/2 H.P. U.S.A. Waratah & Wynyard.
Rick Diprose: 1938 Allis Chalmers Tractor B model, McCormick Peddle Powered Mower Blade Sharpener, Other memorabilia. 1963 Fiat Tractor. Rick informed me he had attended Wynyard Show straight for 70yrs. He was 3yrs old his first, his dad exhibited saddle back pigs & horses. Showing your age their Rick. Waratah & Wynyard.
David Burk: 1958-59 11 H.P. Deutz engine, Farmall A Tractor 15 H.P. Waratah, Chudleigh & Wynyard.
Rex Woodberry: Homelight Chain Saw, Collection of Hand Market Gardening Implements, Convict Leg Irons, Allen Oxford Sythe.
Barry Rawson: Small Engines 2 Briggs & Stratton, Whipper Snippers, old Tools, collection of Lawn Mowers. Waratah.
Tom Moore. Ronaldson Tippett engine driving the Ajax Pump keeping our man chopping our winter wood & his little mate cranking the tractor, Villiars engine driving Moffatt Virtue pump to keep the ducks swimming. Lister D engine. Waratah, Chudleigh & Wynyard.
Harry Nolan: Harry’s Bar, Malric Co, Black Powder, Log Splitting Gun. 18 assorted Chain Saws. Chudleigh.
John Booth: 1952 Mobilco model B Swing Saw, with factory saw bench B.S.A. engine, 5 Chain Saws, different makes & models. Chudleigh.
Neil Broomhall: 1939 International engine model L.A. 1 ½-2 ½ H.P. driving Milk Pump, 1950 JAP 2 stroke 34cc model O driving Brass Spray Pump activating his Japanese Water feature, 1920 Stewarts no. 10 Horse Clipping Machine, made by Cooper. Wynyard.
Nigel Boyd: 1801 Model Steam Carriage with Blue Prints, Antique Camera & Projectors. Antique Camera’s & Gramophones. Chudleigh & Wynyard.
Ian Clayton: Gould’s Pyramid double action Piston Pump driven by 1948 Lister D 2 H.P. engine. Quolcast model 80 Lawn Mower Driven by Jap engine 1957. Wynyard.
We are sorry to hear Vern Reeves has had an extended stay in hospital. We send our best wishes to you Vern from all at the club & hope to see you back with us very soon.
Thank you one & all for your patronage to the club & my apologies to any one I’ve missed.