Category: Events 2019

Chudleigh Show

A great country show as usual, with the members lining up with a great display. 10 members enjoyed a very sunny day, too hot to
sit out in the sun , so we enjoyed each others company along with John Spencer & his son under our marquee.
Congratulations to all exhibits for their efforts.
Lutze : 4 model engines – Monitor – Baker 1905, Root – Vandervoort 1⁄2 scale model 1915, Buzzacott 1⁄2 scale 1920, Fairbanks Morse 1⁄2
scale model 1911, Model Steam engine driven by Lister engine driving a compressor.
Nigel Boyd: (2) Edison Vintage Gramophones, one is still capable of playing a record for us to enjoy. Old Movie Projector.
John Booth : 1940 Ronaldson Tippett Dragsaw (Aus.), Air cooled (model n/a) 2 3⁄4 H.P. put back to running condition by owner
John Spencer : 1946 Rough Rider Dumper, Sunderland, England
Tom & Barb Moore : Ronaldson Tippett engine driving Ajax Pump to keep David Foster chopping the wood, Moffatt Virtue engine driving Dawn M.F.G. Blower to keep the balls bouncing.
David & Judy Burk : Moffatt Virtue 2 1⁄4 H.P. used on milking machine at Golden Valley driving Air Compressed engine McDonald Crude Oil Super-Diesel 4 H.P.
Loyd Tunbridge : International Pig Roseberry engine
Once again thanks to all for a great day.

Australia Day Somerset

We started with Aus. breakfast on the shores of Wynyard, at Gutteridge gardens.
Beautiful Tassie summers day.
Once again the men did the club proud with their machines & memorabilia.
Peter; Ass.of Memorabilia, old Butter churns, mincers, & nick -knacks.
Tom & Barb; Lister D engine driving Ajax Pump turning the water wheel to keep the wood
chopper working, Moffat Virtue 2 1/4 h.P. engine driving the Dawn M.E.G. Blower to keep the balls bouncing.
Rex; Old Ploughs, Lawn Mowers, Chain Saws, Oil bottles, Memorabilia.
Barry; Range of old Lawn Mowers, Small Engines.
Viv; 1 1/2 H. P. Fairbanks Morse Engine U.S.A. 1923, International Type M..U.S.A. 1930.
Ray; International M 3 H.P. 1930, it gave Ray a bit of a headache until he gave it a few good words, then it ran smoothly. Water cooled 3 1/2 H.P. Petrol Lister 1940, Horse & other memorabilia.
Nigel; Train display & station,Rotunda.
Neil; J.A.P. 2 stroke engine 1950 driving 34 cc Model D Brass Spray Pump, Ronaldson Tippett model NA 2 1/4 H.P. driving Moffatt Virtue Orchard Spray Pump,
A surprise of the day from the Somerset Rotary Club was a plaque for 10 years attendance at their Aus. Fun day. accompanied by a cheque for $ 500. for which we thanked them greatly, we always enjoy the day.