Run Day At Penguin

Once again we held a run day at our club rooms at Penguin.
As usual we had a good roll-up from the dedicated members.
Good interest from the public over the 2 days,
A BBQ was held on the Saturday evening with a lot of chatter & friendship.
Vern Reeves & his grand-sons, Alex & Duncan Mantje. Pedder 4 ½ H.P. engine. Cooper 3 H.P. engine.
John Booth. 1952 Bern Smith Drag Saw, 1940 Ronaldson Tippett Drag Saw, Pioneer Ridiculous 6 man chain Saw.
Nick Mantje. International air cooled 3 H.P. 1950. Jap 1-1 ½ H.P. 1950, Lister D. 2 H.P. 1948. Rosebery 4 H.P. Hopper cooled.
Nigel Boyd. Fantastic Replica model of a Train Station with Gazebo, Bakers Shop with animals & people scattered around.
Neil Broomhall. Allen Oxford Mower T.1944. Ajax Milk Pump. No.1- Simac Fuel Pump.
Tom Moore. Ronaldson Tippett driving Ajax pump 1 ½ H.P. suppling water to drive chopping man & man cranking the tractor.
Trevor Cowen. R.Hornsby & Sons. 1912 6 H.P. engine. Lister D 2 H.P. engine. 1950, H.J.Godwin Pump. 1947.
Peter Unwin 2 Victa Mowers. Machinery Jack for old Cars.
David Burk. 2 Lister Hand Seperators. Wooden Butter Churn. Car Jacks, Deutz engine 11 H.P. 1958. Clinton Chain Saw, Wright Saw.
Barry Rawson. Collection Chain Saws, Lawn Mowers, Memorabilia.
Eddie Jongschaap. Old Tools. Tonka Toys. Scooter Jacks. Water Pump. Jap Motor. Quail cast engine.
Ian Clayton. Old Tools, Safe, Memorabilia, Bull shit Shovel.
Lyn Richards. Memorabilia, Stoodley Relics Calf Dozer.
Kelvin & Joan Fielding. Ferguson Tractor 28 1952. Massey Ferguson Tractor 35 1958.
Rick Diprose. Allice Charmers Tractor.
Barry Smith. Various Hand & Electric Sewing Machines.
Geoff Stanfield. Collection Miniture engines.
Allen Wilton. Collection Steam Engines.
Peter Buttler. Collection Memorabilia. Kitchen Old Tools. Spray Pumps.
Don Cameron. Conquip Crane.
Derryl Haines & John Booth. 1955 Fergy TE 20.
Pearns Steam World. 30 Keyless Fairground Organ.
Thank you for the attendance from the members, especially the women that always help with the catering.
Sorry if I have missed anyone, unintentionally