The Club’s 31st Birthday Celebrations

We held a fun-run day on 8th-9th day in June, weather was reasonably kind, a little cool, but who cares when we are having fun.
Both days we had a nice scattering of spectators, who were very interested with the mixture of tractors, small stationary engines, collections of memorabilia, the members willingly displayed. We celebrated on the Saturday evening with a B.B.Q. that all the members that could attend enjoyed.
Our members list of their treasures that they thoroughly enjoy to display.
David & Judy Burk: Hand Seeders, Lawn Mowers, Club Farmall International, Static display, Moffatt Virtue engine driving air compressor & driving model Steam Engine.
Ian Clayton: Collection Of Memorabilia.
Bob Cooke: Farmall A, & International 585xl Tractors.
Deryl & Karyn Haines: 1956 Gold Ferguson Tractor.
Nicholas Mantje: Farmall A Tractor.
Adrian Cameron: Mobile Crane, Ferguson Tractor.
Barry Rawson: Lawn Mowers, Chain Saws, Memorabilia.
Rex Woodberry: Oxford ( Allen ) Mower (2), Memorabilia.
Ray Harris: New Record Drag saw, Man Chain Saw, Roseberry Drag Saw.
Kelvin & Joan Fielding: 1930 Irish Chain Saw, Clinton Engine, 1945 Hand Mower, Electric Lawn Mower, 1940 Lux Chip Heater, Memorabilia, 52 Grey Ferguson Tractor 28 1952, 35 Massey Ferguson Tractor 35 1958.
Kevin Reeve: Milk Separator, Various Butter Churns, 56 lb Butter Churn Furkin.
Vern Reeves & Grandsons Alex & Duncan Mantje.: Petters Diesel engine, Cooper engine, Cooper Petrol engine.
Eddie Jongschaap: Concrete Mixer.
Nigel Boyd: Train Station Display.
Harry Nolan: Linclon Welder driven by Wincence twin cylinder engine, Mosa Welder driven by LomBardini Motor.
Gramme & Heather Howard : Lister Diesel Motor.
Trevor Cowan : Rosebery hit & miss 4 H.P. 1930, Lister D 2 H.P. 1948, Ajax T 1 Pump, 1951 Ronaldson Tippett N, 2 Ajax 1 ½ Pumps 1950.
Fred Harris: 2 cylinder Lister Engine, Villiers Motor, 110 Volt Generator, Hammer Mill.
John Booth: Home made Drag Saw, Villiers Model 20 motor, Bern Smith 1952 Drag Saw, 1940 Ronaldson Tippett Drag Saw.
Neil & Sherryl Broomhall: Hand Horse Clippers, Sharpening Wheel, Cooper 4 stroke model xc 3 H.P. 1950, Lister Pump, 1939 International 1 ½ to 2 ½ H.P. To drive Milk Pump.
Rick Diprose: Allice Charmers Tractor.
Viv & Elaine Voss: Small engine & Pump (Blow Fly).
Brian & Kaye Ling: Cooper Twin Head Shearing Plant, Model K.A. 1928 2 H.P.
Lloyd Tunbridge: 1937 International L.A. engine LA 1 ½- 2 ½ H.P., Lister R.A. engine 6.5 h.P.
Tom & Barb Moore: Ronaldson Tippett engine driving A 1 ½ Ajax pump supplying water to water wheel driving the wood chopper, & Model tractor that didn’t work, better luck next time, a bit of modification needed.
Geoff Stanfield: Miniature 1/c engines, Miniature Steam Punt.
Allan Wilton: 12 Miniature Steam Engines , 2 model Cannon, ½ scale International Harvester 8-16 Tractor.
We were privileged to have as a guest from Pearn’s Steam World, Robert Hill with his 30 Keyless Fairground Organ built by Dean &Co. Bristol. England. Late 1970’s. Had worked in fairs & travelled with a Circus, 20 note Fairground Organ, built by Alan Pell & Co. Walpoole
Drove Cambridgshire. Worked in a children’s fairground ride.
Thank you to one & all who made our Birthday week-end a great success.
Trust I didn’t miss anyone out, if I did I’m sorry.
Once again “ Happy Birthday” with many more enjoyable years to all our members,
If there is anyone with an interest in old machinery & memorabilia who would like to join,
You are very welcome.