Launceston Show

October 11, 2018

Thursday saw members, Rodger Duncan, Harry Nolan, Rodney & Alison Springer, Peter Unwin, Richard Edmunds & Halina Billing, John Booth, Lloyde Tunbridge, Lutz Bockish, Trevor Cowin, and David & Gloria Perry arrive at the Launceston Show Ground.
A pleasant surprise was a nice sunny day and that Harry and Rodney had been there the day before to set up our fencing, thanks you two.
Members exhibits: Rodger Farmall tractor, Harry Lister 3HP motor, Rodney bright yellow dumper (a big hit with the kids), Alison Southern Cross motor,
Peter Roseberry 2HP motor, International harvester 1 .5 HP motor, Emerson Brantingham 1.5 HP motor plus a collection of lawn mowers, David & Gloria a potato planter and digger powered by a Lister motor,
Richard had his scale model Fowler crawler Sunbeam Tiger and Landdrover, John collection of chainsaws, Lutz collection of scale model motors, Trevor Big Chief Waterloo Boy 4.5 HP motor also a 3HP Ronaldson Tippett, and Lloyde “THE PARKING INSPECTOR” had a Roseberry 2 HP motor and a International Pig motor.
We all had a great day, plenty of interest from the show patrons, happy show organisers ( we have been invited back next year).
Thanks to all of you .