Entally House Gardenfest

November 10 & 11, 2018

The 2 day event was a very good with pleasant sunny weather and 7 exhibitors.
Rodney and Alison Springer’s display was 3 engines, a Lister “J” and a Rootyvandervoort and a 2HP New Record both were brought out of retirement a first run for about 6 years.
Lutz Bockisch had a excellent display with his model Internal Combustion and Steam Engines .
He kept the crowd on their toes with a blast from his whistles.
Rex Wooberry’s display was his assorted garden tools, A Villiers engine driving an Ajax pump.
I don’t know if he contributed to the excellent gardens.
Lloyd Tunbridge had his 2 engines on display, an International “pig” an a 2HP roseberry both ran very well all weekend.
Nigel Boyd had a very good display with his model train and railway items as well as assorted buildings.
Harry Nolan had his “CS” Lister on display, it ran faultlessly all weekend, after all that would be expected from a Lister.
Thanks to all exhibitors for making it a top weekend, well done.