Circular Head Show at Stanley.

Well what a ( S ) of a day, weather wise, as often the case 4 seasons in one day.
Apart from that about 20 members braved the weather.
The men did the club proud, with a great display of different pumps, engines, lawn mowers, small tools, tractors and a very interesting water feature wheel.
No dramas for once, the motors decided to behave themselves, just as well as the day didn’t lend itself to tinker out in the open if not needed. Those days have gone by the wayside
The members that faced the clement weather were, B. Ling, D & J Burk, T & B Moore, R & A Springer, N. Broomhall, Pat Harris, F. Harris, D & K Haines, J. Booth, J. Young, L. Tunbridge, V & E Voss, B. Schurring, R. Harris.
Apologies if I’ve missed any one out, in all we had a great gathering & fun even though us women clung to the comfort of our cars as much as possible.
Trust all had a great Christmas & now a happy New Year.