Umina Park

October 19, 2018

I would like to thank Karyn and Derrel Haines and their daughter Carmel (who works at UMINA), for coordinating our display as part of Seniors Week.
Present were: Karyn & Derrel Haines, Lutz Bockish, John Booth, Judy & David Burk, Lloyde Tunbridge, Elaine & Viv Voss, Lyn Richards, Barb & Tom Moore and Brian Ling.
Displays were: Derrel & Karyn David Brown 25 tractor , horse gear and some yo yos, Lyn assorted homewares and old cameras, Brian a scale jet engine, bullock yokes and cream separator, John assorted chainsaws, Tom & Barb Lister motor driving a waterpump which was running a man chopping a log also a ohv villiers powering another waterpump, Viv & Elaine the blowfly, Lloyde a International pig as well as a Roseberry motor, Lutz a collection of scale model hit and miss motors and David & Judy a Moffet Virtue running a compresser which ran a scale motor.
Members Fred Harris and Tony Young called in for a look and talk.
The residents were pleased and interested in our display.
Can’t say enough about the hospitality (morning tea, flathead , chips and salad for lunch, and sausage rolls and party pies (Brian’s favourites) for afternoon tea). Just a terrific make you feel good , no drama social day with club mates doing our bit for a good cause.